Geppino Croce: a country chef

I am Geppino Croce but for many people I am, simply, a country chef.

I was born and grew up in a corner of paradise named Bellosguardo -in Cilento area- getting into the traditions of this territory, included its food and its cuisine, apparently simple but repository of ancient knowledges.

When I was at my grandparents’ home I smelled the aroma of Cilentan sauce, and the family lunch on Sunday was a ritual which early started kneading fusilli and gnocchi pasta.

My studies and the call to my homeland

Thus food was always a focal point in my life. I was fascinated especially by discovering of much potential raw ingredients had, as also the very ancient techniques to prepare and preserve the food.

After I graduated in law I had a call to my roots: often the Belvedere terrace in Bellosguardo hosted my reflections about how could I have continue the cultural and gastronomic legacy of my homeland.


My aim is to be an ambassador of the Cilento cuisine

So I decided to re-embrace my roots and my never-ending love for Cilento, and with great commitment I built up my own country-house. I also thought about new way to promote the heritage of Cilento cuisine, in order to allow everyone to enjoy it.