The Vicceria’s Pantry

Cilento is a generous land, rich in products and raw ingredients of the highest quality able to tell the soul of these places better than any written guide can. Just to mention a few, Cilento is the home of the Extra Virgin Olive oil, the Monnato White Fig, the Mozzarella cheese in Mortella leaves, the Menaica anchovies, the artichokes from Pertosa, the bean from Controne, the goat Cacioricotta and Buffalo Mozzarella cheeses, the Soppressata and Capocollo cold cuts, and the list may go on and on …

This food is today a distinctive element of our territory because it helped to shape the identity of Cilento and its inhabitants. Its society in fact is made up of fishermen, shepherds, farmers, bakers, cheesemakers, housewives who thanks to their intellect have been able to enhance the products that the land, the sea and the animals gave them, transforming and making them unique in taste and history.

From now you can find these products in the Pantry of Vicceria; our chef Geppino personally meets the local producers and together with them he selects the best choice, to be sure that every bite you have you can savor the taste of authenticity.

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